Ouch. Cactus needles stuck in hand.

Don’t Hug these Teddy Bears–Ever

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We just returned home from a great trip to Joshua Tree National Park in California. This 1,234 sq mile park is an endless playground for anyone who ventures near. From bouldering, to exploring to photography, Joshua Tree has something for everyone. Being in a desert, they also have an endless supply of cacti. The park […]

Search and Rescue helicopter

A Tribute to Mel Nading

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I heard the news Easter Sunday. I was on top of a ridge at Arctic Valley taking pictures of the kids skiing off the cornice. It was a bluebird morning—the kind where the mountains aren’t just calling, they are begging you to come. The text was simple and direct. “Helo 1 went down. Mel is […]

My Son Nails the Idiot Swim at Slush Cup

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Last night, my 14 year old son presented me with a mound of release forms to sign. Today was the annual Slush Cup celebration at Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska and he wanted to be a part of it. I swear it was yesterday I was carrying him on my shoulders at this same event […]


Not a Soccer Mom

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Don’t get me wrong, soccer moms are great–I’m just not one of them. I’m a ski mom. I ferry kids back and forth to ski practices, ski races, ski lifts, ski swaps and ski stores. I can speak NNN, SNS, camber, twin tip, skins, spine, pow and park. Heck, I can hold a reasonably intelligent […]


In Memory of Axel Charrette & Sunsets

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On February 28th a brave little soul left this world. You don’t have to have met two-year-old Axel to know he was full of life and joy. Every picture his mom Jen, of velomom.com and fellow outdoor blogger, posts shows a little boy embracing life to its fullest. Big smiles. Bright eyes. Busy legs. Axel had […]

Cold weather camping with kids - headlamps on!

Camping at 15 Below: Bring the Kids!

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In a land where winter reigns for half the year, it would be a real shame to skip out on camping for that time just because the ground has frozen over. True, winter camping does pose interesting challenges, but it also holds some unique rewards. Rewards of winter camping:  Because the world is frozen, rivers […]

World Breastfeeding Month 2012

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I remember backpacking pregnant with my first baby. With a pack on my back and a bump on my front I hiked all over Alaska imagining what it would be like to take my little baby along on these adventures. I pictured myself snuggling with my daughter in a field of lupine with the sun […]

Kids at A-frame cabin

Camping Styles

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Public Use Cabins, Yurts, Fire Lookouts So you have a little kid or two and you want to go camping but the thought of sleeping in a tent gives you pause. No worry; the backcountry is loaded with some amazing public use cabins, fire lookouts, yurts, and shelters. These homes in the woods offer a […]

Take my breath away - Bird Ridge

7 Super Shots

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My friend Erin Kirkland of AK On the Go, invited me to participate in this fun photo tour. The assignment is find your best shots in 7 different categories. The challenge is picking just 7! Check out  Hostel Bookers to learn about the folks who started it all… And check out the rules if you want to […]

2012 Screen Free

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Having a Soaking Wet Good Time: How to Have Fun with Kids in the Rain Rainy days shouldn’t mean ‘stay inside days’.  They should mean ‘stomp in the puddles day’ or ‘sing in the rain day’ or ‘toothpick race day’. Rain and melt aren’t weather to be feared and avoided; rather they should be embraced […]