Alite Monarch Butterfly Camp Chair

Posted · Add Comment Retail price: $59.99 Specs per manufacturer: Super-light, super-portable, super-comfy, and with only two legs you can rock in it! Weighing in at 18 oz., the Monarch Butterfly Chair is light enough to take along backpacking trips or summer concerts yet versatile enough for home use. The chair packs down to the size of a […]

Flye Baby Seat

Posted · Add Comment Retail Price: $49.99 Specs per manufacturer: The ONLY multi-use product of it’s kind! FlyeBaby is the original portable, hammock-style, fabric seat that can be used for infants and babies on airplanes, dining room chairs and beach chairs. It creates a secure, comfortable place for your baby on a flight, at home, at a restaurant, […]

Trek Light Gear Double Hammock

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Retail price: $64.95 Findings: I’m totally sold on the hammock way of life. At a time when I am slimming down my pack, I find myself adding a hammock–always. If I was backpacking alone, I’d probably just skip the tent and use the hammock. Alas, too many kids to pull that off comfortably. Check […]

Eagle Nest Outfitters Doublenest Hammock

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Retail price: $64.95 Findings: All I can say is why didn’t get one of these things years ago?? This is the greatest thing ever for young kids. It can used in your backyard, on the trail or even in your living room. This would make a fabulous baby gift. Check out the slide show […]

Crazy Creek Products Crazy Kidz Chair

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Retail Price: $24 Findings: This chair is designed for kids ages 2-6 years old. However, my 10 year old fits it nicely. It is great to have a chair that little kids can fit in. The adult sized Crazy Creek chairs are really too big for toddlers and preschoolers.  Knowing how long Crazy Creek […]