Wheel Brightz Gold lights

You Can’t Say You Didn’t See Me Now

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Wheelbrightz by Brightz www.bikebrightz.com  Retail price: $14.99   Specs per manufacturer: Make your wheels glow with a circle of spinning light! Wheelbrightz is a radical new bike light that uses 20 Micro LED lights to create a ring of brilliant color that is sure to turn heads and grab attention wherever you go. Mix and match to create your […]

Luci Lux solar LED light

I see the light!

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Luci Lux Solar Lights by MPowerd   www.mpowerd.com   Retail price: $19.99 for the Lux and $14.99 for the regular model Specs per manufacturer: Luci Lux is a brilliant blend of high style and high-tech. With her sleek frosted design and reliable, maintenance-free technology, Luci Lux creates her magical warm glow to light up your home, […]

Of Lighting and Dark Morns

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I realize that in more southern climes, it gets dark every night and therefor darkness is literally an everyday occurrence. But up here in the far north, where it only gets dark for half of the year, darkness is somewhat of a novelty. And buying lighting for my bike is darn right exciting. Last winter, […]