Not a Soccer Mom

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Don’t get me wrong, soccer moms are great–I’m just not one of them. I’m a ski mom. I ferry kids back and forth to ski practices, ski races, ski lifts, ski swaps and ski stores. I can speak NNN, SNS, camber, twin tip, skins, spine, pow and park. Heck, I can hold a reasonably intelligent conversation about knee and AT bindings. Out ski gear room is more of a shrine to an ever increasing collection of boots, poles, wax, skis and pulks.

Perched on the edge of Chugach, we have immediate access to some truly incredible terrain and we take full advantage of it. My hubby is an active nordic and alpine ski patroller. While others are lamenting March’s freezing temps, we are scrambling for as many more runs as we can squeeze in. Yep, we are a ski family and I’m a ski mom.

Our kids started skiing as toddlers on little strap ons and quickly advanced to full bindings. Some questioned our decision to start them so young, but it has really paid off. They are all strong skiiers which is a skill they will have for the rest of their lives. So what’s next? My 14 year old son is now directing his first short film, “In Pursuit of Spine”,  for the Banff Film Festival. Watch for the trailer coming out soon.

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