Runnin’ Down a Dream

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2014/15 Season Edit by Joey Aist. This is my 2014-2015 season edit. This year was light on snowfall (although, Alyeska was still highest with total snowfall of 490″.) Thanks to my friends for an awesome season – first time I hiked the Headwall and skied Glacier Bowl. We still got quite a bit acoomplished. Special […]

Packing for the masses–Big Island style

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Packing is not the most exciting part of any trip, and it is less so when packing a whole family. But by following these tips you are sure to have more fun and less stress! 1. Make a list and make it big. Use a big flip chart sheet or a dry erase board so […]

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My name is Joey Aist. I am 16 years old from Anchorage, Alaska. I love skiing, and I ski as much as I can. I want to grow as a skier and be able to take my skiing to the next level. Momentum Ski Camps is the place I want to go to acheive that […]

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Alyeska Headwall Opens!

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April 4, 2015, Alyeska had enough snow to open both the Headwall and the Glacier Bowl. These two areas are only accesable via hiking and haven’t been open on the same day in years. Alyeska has been getting new snow for a couple weeks, and is able to build Banked Slalom Course, and a Jump […]

Big Island Adventures with Big Kids

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Beaches make the best destinations for families. I remember traveling to Hawaii when the kids were little. It was easy! Pack a big bag with beach stuff and camp out all day by the water. As the kids have grown older, trips have become involved. Don’t get me wrong, they still enjoy some quality beach […]

Road Trip, Alaska Style

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We just returned home from a road trip–Alaska style. We drove the Dalton Highway from Anchorage to Deadhorse and back for a total of just shy of 2000 miles, half of which were gravel. The Dalton is known locally as the Haul Road. It is the supply lifeline to the oilfields. All goods that can’t […]

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2014 Ski Season Edit

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Thanks to Joey Aist for this awesome (albeit motion sickness inducing) edit. It is so inspiring to see kids grow up with such strong skills and passion for the outdoors. There is hope for the future of the mountains!