You Can’t Say You Didn’t See Me Now

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Wheel Brightz Gold lights

Wheelbrightz by Brightz 

Retail price: $14.99  Wheel-Brightz-Gold-L2408-510x408

Specs per manufacturer: Make your wheels glow with a circle of spinning light!

Wheelbrightz is a radical new bike light that uses 20 Micro LED lights to create a ring of brilliant color that is sure to turn heads and grab attention wherever you go. Mix and match to create your own color combo or go with one color for a sleeker look!

Findings: I don’t normally buy outdoor gear at the grocery store, so when I saw the display of Wheelbrightz for sale at the local Fred Meyers, I was more than skeptical. But at $14.99 for one light, I figured it was a low risk investment. In Alaska, we only need lights on our bikes in the winter and one problem I run into is having batteries hold up at extreme low temperatures. For example, my headlamp (600 lumens) with a USB rechargeable, is only good for 1 hour when the temperatures stay around 10 F or below. At 30 F, I can get a couple good hours in.  I’ve only had the Wheelbrightz in operation for a couple weeks, so I can’t speak to how well they will or won’t hold up with time, but so far, I haven’t had to change the batteries (3 AAA’s). Good thing, because I imagine changing the batteries will be a bit of a pain and certainly involve a screw driver.

Installation was painless, the directions made sense and were easy to follow. I don’t notice any difference in riding as far as having the battery pack installed somewhat off center. It looks solid on there too. Winter riding is bumpy and sloppy and jerky, so if it was going to shift or fall off, it would have by now. I only bought one box which only covers one wheel. I put it on my front wheel figuring that would be an easier install. The rear wheel probably isn’t too challenging either. I’m convinced that having lighting on your bike that is visible from the side is a really great idea. I’ve had drivers pass me and comment on how visible I am even with just one wheel lit up. As a bike commuter, I’m riding on icy roads along side of tired and cranky drivers (who probably need to try biking…) who aren’t really paying attention to me. Being lit up says, “Yo, pay attention to me! Don’t hit me! I have kids at home to take care of!”.

Bikebrightz makes several illuminating products for bikers–all with a very reasonable price tag. I plan to check out some of their other products as well. If any of you bike commute or your kids bike to school in the dark, these are a worthy investment in safety. And by the way, most bike crashes occur in neighborhoods when a car is backing out of driveway. So light up your kids…

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