Yankz Sure Lace System

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Retail price: $8 Yankz_ad_slick_with_Barb_Lindquist_-_With_no_phone_numbers_or_website_information_as_of_January_10_2004-227x414

Specs per manufacturer: A Better Fit that You Never Have to Tie Again… Yankz! Sure Lace System is the most comfortable and innovative lacing system available. The unique design is ideal for walking, running, hiking, gym class, biking and other athletic activities. Expandable cords provide an unsurpassed level of “personalized” fit and comfort. No more tying, retying, double knots or frazzled dirty laces. Slip on your shoe with Yankz!

Findings: My husband thought these were a silly purchase. But I went ahead and bought them anyway. After all, they were only $8. I take my shoes on and off a zillion times each day and hate tying them again and again. And I super hate having to tie shoes on the trail–especially when I’m carrying a full pack. So I was excited to give Yankz a try. Although it pains me to admit it, I had to watch the online video to figure out how to put them on my shoes. It wasn’t difficult, it just wasn’t intuitive. I’ve now had Yankz on my shoes for a month and I totally love them. They haven’t lost any tension at all and I never tie my shoes! Now, when I’m chasing kids in and out of the house and down the trail, my shoe tying never slows me down. What fun!

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