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V-Shot Waterproof Camera Bag

Ortilieb’s V-Shot Waterproof Camera Bag


Retail price: $190


Specs per manufacturer: Ideal all rounder for active outdoors people: V-Shot is a compact camera bag with waterproof zipper. 100% reliable in toughest weathers and climates it offers room for a DSLR camera with a 200 mm zoom lens, rechargeable batteries, memory card and further accessories. The V-shaped bag is flexible and versatile in use either as shoulder bag or prepared for hands-free carrying when fixed to the ORTLIEB camera carrying system (optional accessory for fixing to D-rings) which keeps your hands free for climbing or using poles.

Findings:  After a close call shooting a high school cross country race in the rain, I went on the hunt for a simple, easy to use, waterproof  camera bag that would accommodate my 70-200 mm lens. The V-Shot is just about perfect. It is lightweight and streamlined making it easy to carry. It exactly fits my 70-200 mm lens. The seams bulge just a little when zipped up, but it works. If the bag were 2 cm longer, it would be perfect. I cannot put the lens in the bag with the lens hood extended, so if I am shooting in bad weather and wanting to stash the camera for a brief period, I can’t close the lid on the bag. I’ve also used bag on backpacking trips. It works beautifully in that capacity! Being streamlined, it fits easily in my pack. The padding and waterproofness give necessary security on bumpy and wet hikes–two things we have a lot of in Alaska! I haven’t used it kayaking or rafting. The bag isn’t submersible, just waterproof for splash and rain. This bag is not large enough to accommodate any additional lens, but typically when I’m using it, I only need one lens. For ease of use, performance and weight, I highly recommend this bag. If it were just a tad longer I’d give it a perfect 10.

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