Toddler Rain Boots that Make the Grade

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Muddy Munchkins toddler rain boots

Retail price:  $48.95


Specs per manufacturer: What kid doesn’t like to play outside in the dirt, sand and rain? Our patent-pending Muddy Munchkins boots were designed by parents and are made for park play, nature treks, light rain and shallow puddle stomping. Less than half the weight of one conventional rubber boot, they are sleek, stylish and extend all the way to the knee. No more clunky, heavy boots to trip your little one up! No more face-plants in the muck! Constructed of flexible rubber soles and waterproof breathable nylon uppers, they repel water like knights fight off dragons. Wipe clean, collapse and then stow away for another Muddy Munchkins day! MyMayu’s Muddy Munchkins boots are light and comfortable so kids can play outside for hours. Sold in four sizes to fit kids aged approximately 9 months to 3 years.

Findings: Review provided by Pam, mom to 6 beautiful children in Anchorage, AK. Love these boots.  Was intimidated by them when they first came.  They looked like they might be hard to get on, but they weren’t at all.  Joseph loves them and brings them to me whenever he is ready to go outside. They keep his feet warm and dry.  My only criticism is that the first time we tried them, I didn’t cinch the bottom tie tight enough and he walked them right off his feet. 🙂 We gave them another try and made sure they were nice and tight and they worked really well.  Thanks so much for the opportunity to try them.  They are really cute, comfortable, and functional boots.

And here what Jen think the stronger features are of these boots.

1. Removable lining. Yes! No more stinky boots. You can actually dry these all the way out. I see an opportunity for a whole line of interchangeable liners such as wool, light weight, heavy fleece, neoprene, etc depending on conditions.

2. Love the size range. You will be hard pressed to find another company making rain boots for 9 month olds. Even when babes are being packed on the trail, dry feet are important.

3. The tread. Not so sure about the tread. It looks somewhat slippery. We didn’t have time to thoroughly test out this feature as the boots arrived just as winter was setting in.

4. Packability. Score! Anyone with multiple kids knows the value of being able to pack up gear tight for the next adventure.

5. They aren’t waterproof. But I think that is ok. It is more important to be warm, and the fleece liner allows for that nicely. These boots come up high on the shin which is key. Even the most waterproof boots out there have the obvious down side of being short allowing the creek to flow right on in your wee ones boots. Suddenly waterproof materials don’t matter!

6. Small business owners!! Let’s support ’em. These folks have made a quality product and are inching into a crazy competitive market. Show the outdoor world that the little guy can still stand alone. You have my full endorsement My Mayu!

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