The North Face Tigger 15 Youth Sleeping Bag

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Retail Price:$89

Specs per manufacturer: Engineered with the same technical design as its adult counterpart, the Tigger offers simple, safe features so kids can stay warm on outdoor excursions in temperatures down to 20 degrees F.

Max user height: 5’0″

Stuff sack size: 7.5″ x 13.5″

Weight: 2 lbs 1 oz

Findings: We have reviewed a Tigger bag circa 2000. It looks like North Face has made some improvements in the last 9 years to the bag. However, we only had this old one to review. I have to say, this bag has held up beautifully over the years. It has been on countless kayaking, backpacking and basecamping trips. It has kept my son nice and toasty. The zipper only goes half way down the bag which is both a nice feature and an annoying feature. It is nice with toddlers and preschoolers to not have to mess with a full length zipper, but there are times when it would be really nice to be able to vent the bottom of the bag or open it up all the way. This would be especially useful when drying out a wet bag.  Overall, this is high quality bag that will stand the test of time and multiple kids sleeping in it. See the slide show for more.

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