Sunday Afternoons Fun ‘n Sun Bucket, Kid’s Play Hat & Women’s Adventure Hat

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Sunday Afternoons sun hat

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Kid’s Play Hat

Items tested: We tested the Fun ‘N Sun Bucket hat and the Kid’s Play hat as well as the Women’s Adventure and Field hats. We also tested the Kid’s Sun Tee.

Findings: The kids absolutely love the hats! They wouldn’t take them off at all the first day they arrived. They wear them in the rain, sun, and everything in between.

The hats are very well made. I was impressed with the level of detail in all the hats. There aren’t any raw edges anywhere. The Kid’s Play hat is great for wearing in the car as it doesn’t have a wide brim in the back to bump into the seat. This is also especially handy when backpacking so the hat doesn’t bump into the pack. We’ve also found the flap of fabric in the back to be effective at keeping mosquitoes off of necks.

As we are having a really wet summer, we’ve been using the hats for rain as much as shade. The material works well in a light rain. A major downpour would likely soak through though. But they are sun hats, not rain hats.

The sun tee is a super soft fabric. It hold up well in the wash too. It breathes well and isn’t too hot to wear on warm days.

Overall, I give Sunday Afternoons an outstanding review. I’d recommend their hats and sun shirts to anyone!

Blue Kid’s Play Hat & Pink Bucket Hat

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