Steri PEN by Hydro-Photon

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Journey Handheld Water Purifier

Retail price: $99.95

Findings: I’ve heard some folks have trouble with these at high altitudes. I only used it at low altitudes and had no trouble with it. I’ve also heard people complain about battery performance in cold conditions below the freezing mark. This is a problem with all batteries! Anything battery operated should be kept next to your body to maximize performance. Steri PEN advises salt be added to waters with glacier silt to improve conductivity. So pack a pinch of salt. As much as I like this unit, I would probably also bring along a standard water filter that doesn’t care about temperature or salinity or elevation. You can always boil your water for 5 minutes too. You just don’t want to be out there without a way to get clean water. For the rest of my review, check out the slide show!

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