Slipnot Traction Makes Biking Possible In All Conditions

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Slipnot bike tire chains

Slipnot Bicycle Traction System

small slipnot

Specs per manufacturer: Fits 20″ x 2.25 – 2.4″Includes mesh bag for rinsing and drying. Don’t let snow, ice or mud get in the way of you and your two-wheeled love affair. Goodbye painful memories, hello biking!

Findings:  (Review provided by Loren Gurkowski) I have been using my Slipnot Traction System for the last couple of months. They were extremely easy to install, took under 5 minutes to get them on my tires. It helped to have an extra pair of hands, but would still be easy to install alone. There is no need to remove the tires, you just wrap the chains around and adjust so chains are equally spread around tire.  I had some trouble with the back chain falling off, but easily fixed with some tape.

I use my bike to commute to work and the extra traction has helped me continue through the winter.  With my Slipnot Traction system on I felt I had more traction and better ability to stop compared to not having the chains installed. On the ice they have not been quite as great. I find that I still slide around on turns, but the bike has caught its self every time.

Additional notes from Jen: More things to love about Slipnot. They are made in Durango, CO. And we love to support small businesses. They will make the chains in any size you request. That means you can finally add some traction to your kid’s bikes in the winter. No more need to pack the bikes away in the shed once the snow flies. Like Loren said, they don’t perform as well as carbide studs, but they do perform. And I have never seen carbide studs for little kid’s bikes. I also like the flexibility of being able to put the chains on when you need them, and off when you don’t. Perfect for climates that don’t enjoy winter, all winter long.


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