Ski Trainers

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  What is it? How do you use it? Notes
Harnesses A chest harness with 2 detachable leashes Parent skis behind the child holding the leashes to guide the skier. Tends to encourage kids to lean back and ski fast—many ski instructors discourage their use
EdgieWedgies A strip of rubber that connects the ski tips together with a thumb screw Helps the ski tips from crossing or spreading apart Once your child develops muscle memory of a wedge, stop using them. Best for younger kids
Strap on skis Small alpine or nordic skis with a strap to hold snow boots in place Use in the backyard for play Not recommended to teach children how to ski
Pole support Adult’s ski pole or T-Bar Trainer Held out in front of the child, the pole provides a balance point for the child Easy, low tech and keeps the child in a forward position


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