Puddle Gear Albin Jacket

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Puddle Gear Albin Jacket

Retail Price: $59.95


Specs per manufacturer: Each jacket has reflective tape detail and a detachable hood. The closures are all good quality strong poppers. The collar is light grey soft fleece. The jacket can be made into a set matching with Olle pants, Jesper pants or Samuel pant. Comes in sized 80-130. Certified by Oko-Tex.

Findings: I wondered why the snaps instead of zipper. The gal told me it was a safety feature in case the jacket got stuck on something. Snaps will break free. Makes sense. When worn over the suspender pants, you don’t need a zipper anyway as the pants provide a lot of rain coverage for the chest already. We’ve been very happy with our jacket. It scrunches up well in a pack and comes out ready to take on any weather.

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