Platypus Platy Preserve–800 ml

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Platypus Preserve

Retail price: $9.95 Wilderness for Kids received this product for testing from Appalachian Outdoors

Specs per manufacturer: PlatyPreserve is the best way to protect the taste of an opened bottle of wine by completely eliminating the presence of oxygen. While alternative methods might have you pump air out of the bottle or inject gas into the bottle- PlatyPreserve has you transfer your un-finished wine into an air tight reservoir to truly protect the taste of your wine so it may be enjoyed several days or even weeks later.

Findings: Okay, so it may not be totally cool to review a product that carries alcohol into the backcountry on a website all about camping with kids. But, balance is a beautiful thing and a glass of wine after a great day on the trail with your family is probably ok. Probably better than ok sometimes. Just don’t drain the whole Platypus in one night. To tell the truth, I can’t tell what is different from every other Platypus I have with this one except there is a picture of a glass of wine on the outside. It does a great job keeping your wine fresh by allowing you to eliminate oxygen from the container. I totally trust Platypus and their lids, so I don’t fret over having a liter of red wine in my pack. I’ve only had one Platypus fail me in many years of use and that one sprung a leak after a rough encounter with a barnacle. Understandable. I have friends who use these PlatyPreserves to keep their wine fresh at home too. Now there’s an endorsement.

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