Patagonia Baby/Toddler Cap 3 Set

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Retail price: $29 for the bottoms, $29 for the tops

Specs per manufacturer: These versatile, fast-wicking, quick-to-dry bottoms and tops are the perfect baselayer pants for layering or wearing alone. mail-2

Findings: Wow.  This is a fantastic product that gets near constant use in our house.  As a sleeper, base layer, or even play clothes, I love it so much we now have one in every size I could find.  My child is outfitted with this base layer through 3T, and because it’s well made, I expect it to last through several kiddos.  My son is a tall kid – in the 95th percentile for height and almost as big in weight.  This is the only item of clothing that has fit him up to and even beyond the size.  He was still wearing the 3-month size at 6 months.   So don’t buy it big! mail-1

The Patagonia 3 weight is great for the cool and cold weather outdoors.  It’s breathable for little bodies that crawl and toddle rapidly, and warm when they suddenly sit still and examine.  Both top and bottom have thoughtful details that really make it a great item.  In addition to the snaps at the crotch, the body suit has snaps in the bum area.  Keep it snapped when baby is small, and unsnap as she grows to add more length – more than another inch.  The cuffs on both the sleeves and the pants are extra long, allowing them to be unfolded as baby grows – again adding life to the product.   The seat area is generous, which is great for any active kid, and particularly babies in cloth diapers whose bums don’t fit into much.

My son is always comfortable in this soft, stretchy fabric. It goes on easily, and for wiggly, active infants and tots, having a base layer that is a onesie-style is wonderful.  No tucking in a shirt that’s always riding up, so no snow, leaves, or cold on his active little back and belly.  Having separate pants and top also makes diaper changes easy – without exposing too much skin.  The only thing that isn’t great about this base layer is the price – about $50 for the pants and top together.  Find it on sale, find a friend whose kids are outgrowing theirs, but find it!

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