Pacific Outdoor Equipment Peak Oyl Lite Women’s Pad & Hyper Lite Women’s Pad

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Retail price: each pad runs about $100

Specs per manufacturer: Hyper Lite Women’s. This closed cell EVA and open cell foam combo provides not only superior insulation but with a higher density cylindrical die cut in the hip area you get better support and increased overnight comfort. Size 20″ x 66″ x 1.5″ Weight 15.5 oz.  Peak Oyl Lite Women’s. Zonal, cylindrical die cutting in the hips provide increased hip support for women’s body geometries and a drilled foot area adds more insulation while still reducing weight. Bermed side rails and a mummy shape further reduce pack volume and weight for a lightweight package to carry between camps. Size 20″ x 66″ x 1″ Weight: 18.5 oz.

Findings: These are both fabulous sleep pads. Who knew so much technology went into these things? I want my kids to carry as little weight as possible when we backpack. Twenty pounds is about our max for them. So every ounce counts when you are going out for a week or so. The Hyper Lite pad weighs less than 1 pound and yet is plenty long enough for my ten year old. It provides ample insulation and comfort. It comes with a mesh stuff sack that is much larger than the pad itself. I would prefer a nylon bag that just fit the pad so it would stay rolled up tight on the pack. The Peak Oyl Lite is so comfy, you won’t want to get out of your bag in the morning. It is lightweight, folds up very compact and comes in a cool color. It takes a bit to blow it up, but it’s worth it. As if these weren’t all great reasons enough to buy one of these pads, Pac Outdoors is totally committed to the environment. They use recycled materials whenever they can and find ways to reduce their carbon footprint in manufacturing too. You have to love that! Check out the slide show for more.

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