Open Country 8″ Non-Stick Frypan

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Open Country 8? Non-Stick Frypan

Retail price: $14.95

Open Country 8? Non-Stick FrypanSpecs per manufacturer: Convenience, ease of use, and lightweight covers are just some of the benefits of this fry pan. The handle will fold 180 degrees to make storage easy and it will nest inside 10″ Sauté Pan. Features non-stick coating on aluminum.

Findings: I bought this pan on my way to a week long back pack. Never a good idea to buy new gear on the way out! I picked it out of the line up at REI for one reason only. It was the lightest one. The first trip, the non stick coating started to flake off. And I only use bamboo or silicone utensils. Disappointing. Because the pan is so light, the handle topples the pan over when fully extended. As you can see in the picture, I leave the handle up to balance it. Annoying, but functional. I would NOT recommend buying this pan. There are much better options available even if they weigh a bit more.

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