Oaki Waterproof Adventure Suit for Kids

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Oaki Waterproof Adventure Suit for Kids


Retail price: $39.99 100_1478

Specs per manufacturer: This full body Adventure Suit is the perfect splash suit for crawling around, hauling kids in the backpack carrier or stroller, and many other uses. Fully taped seams; Separating zipper at ankle for easy on/off; Elasticated ankles and wrists; Light weight and packable; Polyester with waterproof coating; Built to give kids plenty of space to move around easily; Easy to wear hood that doesn’t fall down in their eyes.

Reviewer: Jason and his baby from Anchorage, AK

Findings: This rain suit works well with our three-month-old. The reflective stripe is a great feature in the darker seasons. She wears a fleece outfit or a snowsuit under the rain suit and she stays plenty warm and dry on the wettest of Alaskan days. I take her in a baby carrier which straps her to my chest and we are usually walking 1-2 hours a couple of times a week. Because my baby is small enough I have duct taped over the ends of the arms and legs to keep water and wind away from her hands and feet. As she grows we intend to add some rubber boots to her ensemble.  Thanks to Jason and his baby for the review!

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