Mountain Hardwear Expedition Duffel, large

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Specs per manufacturer:Durable, versatile duffels designed to haul. Made from tough, PVC-free HardWear Tarp, with outstanding abrasion and puncture resistance. Dimensions: 32″Lx16″Wx14″H Weight: 5 lbs. 12 oz

Findings: This is one of Mountain Hardwear’s newest additions to their bag line. I’ve only used it on a couple trips so I can’t attest to its durability yet. I’m wondering how it will hold up to repeated heavy use. The material is suspect for cracking–especially in cold weather. I’ll keep you posted. So far, it is holding up beautifully. It has some features that I find super useful. One is the amount of attachment points on the lateral sides of the bag. IMG_9758I used them to thread webbing through to lash the bag to a pulk sled. The straps are attached (sewn on) on one side and have a clip on the other. I used these clips to secure the bag down to the pulk sled as well (I have perlon threaded around the perimeter of the sled as attachment points). There are also straps inside the bag to help secure and organize gear. Solid, metal handles on the ends aid in hauling the bag around. (though they get really cold in the winter) For a pulk sled application, I really liked the wide opening at the top and the water proof material. I didn’t worry about my gear getting wet from snow. The top made a perfect seat for weary hikers and to haul out a treasured chunk of ice! For outdoor, rugged applications, this bag scores high. It is probably a bit of overkill for travel purposes though. IMG_9780

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