Mountain Blue Eyes Nursing Tee

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Retail price: $69.95

Specs per manufacturer:

  • Longer through the body
  • Cut generously through the bust & waist
  • Fits pre-pregnancy shoulder width
  • Optimal modesty: breastfeeding with easy access
  • light weight
  • breathable
  • pill resistance
  • antibacterial

Reviewer: Lia Keller of Anchorage, AK

Findings: I love this shirt.  It is an athletic shirt with a secret that doesn’t come from the shrimp shells in the fabric.  Yes, it is made with shrimp and crab shells so it is anti-microbial.  The secret is how easily it allowed me to nurse my kiddos.  VRMS
The fabric is soft, silky and has a little stretch with amazing wicking abilities.  I sweated with the baby on my back, but never felt the moisture.  It also let the baby slobber on my shoulder dry in no time.  The shirt has simplistic, yet intelligent nursing mechanics. A front flap covers the two slits without adding bulk or trapping heat.  Both my 6 month old and 21 month old easily nursed and minimal skin was exposed to the mosquitoes.  The shirt conceals its secret nursing power with an athletic design and flattering fit.

I am almost 6 feet tall and a medium provided enough length to not pull out from my backpack’s waist strap.

The only complaint I have is that the tag is itchy.  Seriously, this is an amazing shirt.  Please don’t out me if you see me wearing it when my kids are in high school.


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