Kelty TC 3.0 Baby Carrier

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Retail price: $179.95

Specs per manufacturer: Weight: 5 lb. 7 oz. / 2.4 kg

Maximum Load Weight: 40 lb / 18.1 kg

Dimensions: Length: 12” / 30 cm, Width: 12” / 30 cm, Height: 21” / 53 cm, Volume: 1450 in3 / 23.8 L, Torso Fit Range: 11″-16″ /
28 cm – 41 cm

Findings: This pack provides great lumbar support, and seems to provide just as much support as my backpacking pack.  The adjustable part at the bottom is really convenient for switching between different sized people. (There’s over a foot difference between my husband and me, but we both are able to find a comfortable adjustment.)

The bag on the back provides ample space for lightweight coats, water and a snack for a long day hike.  Also, there are many compartments, which are handy for sticking little odds and ends that you need to access often.  I really like the little pouch on the waste strap, which is perfect for holding keys.  The rain fly is also convenient to have—especially for hiking in Alaska.

We’ve had troubles getting our baby to not lean completely to one side while riding in this.  This probably wouldn’t be too much of a problem, except for the fact that the shoulder straps of the pack are rather thin and don’t have too much padding, so the uneven weight can cause the strap to cut into your shoulder/neck.  Also, our son inevitably falls asleep in this, and there isn’t any support to hold his head up.

As an aside, we weren’t trekking pole users before, however, we’ve found that a set of poles really adds a lot more stability while hiking with the pack on.

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