Katadyn Base Camp Water Filter

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Retail Price: $64.95


Company specs: Microfiltration Method: Anticlog Technology: 129 square inches of pleated 0.3 micron glassfiber media. Activated carbon core: reduces unpleasant tastes and odor from water Output: 16 oz/minute Cartridge Capacity: 200 gallons, depending on water quality-use of filter protector will extend cartridge life Weight: 13 oz Height: 6″ Includes: 2.6 Gallon waterbag, removable filter protector, 48″ outlet hose and on/off output hose valve

Findings: Nothing is more important than clean drinking water. And at no time is it more important than when the water is for children and babies. The last thing anyone wants is to come home from a trip with a kid sick from giardia. Parents need to be especially careful with infants. Diarrheal diseases are especially dangerous for young infants who can get dehydrated very easily. First choice for young infants would be to breastfeed them. But for those formula fed infants, pay attention to all posts about water filters! For a short weekend long trip, I would bring water from home for mixing formula if at all possible.

When traveling with any group larger than 5 people, the base camp water filter is great! It allows you to filter large (over 2 gallons) of water in a very short period of time. It uses gravity to filter water rather than pumping. It is virtually fool proof to use. All you do is fill the bag with river or lake water and hang it. Clean water is delivered from the outlet hose. This super easy system allows you to spend time at camp supervising/playing with kids instead of hunched down on the banks of a stream filtering lots of water.

To achieve optimal flow rate, the bag really needs to hung at 5 ft. This is great if you are in a forest with sturdy trees or a public use cabin, not so handy in other environments. Hiking poles and paddles can be arranged to support the bag, but you’ll be hard pressed to get it 5 ft. high with paddles or hiking poles. Mind you the filter will still work, it will just have a slower filter rate. The large opening makes the bag really easy to clean and dry out and fill up as well.

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