Jagbags Endura Hi Tech Mummy Liner

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sleeping bag liner

Retail price: $46.70 (US Dollars)


Specs per manufacturer: Each liner comes with its own matching stuff sack. Endura silk is stronger than the fine silk and is best for heavy use over long periods. It can be used as a stand-alone summer sleeping bag. It has better wick ability and also inside a sleeping bag it adds more warmth than the fine silk liner. The Hi Tech Mummy liner weighs just 4.75 oz.

Findings: I really didn’t believe that something so small and lightweight could actually keep me warm all night long. Boy was I wrong! I recently returned from 9 days in Nicaragua where I slept in the bag liner every night–totally comfortably. Granted it was about 80 degrees all night, but still… Even in a humid environment, I was dry and comfy all night long. The weight and size of the liner made it really easy to shake out my bedding every night for scorpions too. This is much harder with standard sheets! I look forward to trying it out in my 30 degree bag this summer to add a bit of warmth to it. They say silk liners adds about 9 degrees to your sleeping bags. These are so small and light and they are easy to bring on any trip. An added bonus is the very cool dye job. In my group, my liner was by far the best looking!! The price is right too. I looked at many others, and this one was one of the most reasonably priced. If you haven’t tried a bag liner yet, you are missing out. This company makes them in lots of shapes and sizes and colors and will even do  custom orders to just about any specification. This is one purchase you won’t regret.

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