Is Your Kid Ready to Hit the Slopes?

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  • Able to follow simple directions?
  • Strong enough to wear 5 or so pounds of ski gear?
  • Excited to learn to ski?
  • Able to demonstrate balance?
  • Able to handle cold temperatures?
  • Most kids are ready to start lessons around 5 years for alpine and a bit younger for nordic.

_MG_3072Tips for success from moms who have been there.

  1. Orient your kids to the gear. Make sure it is sized appropriately. Don’t try to save a buck by buying boots a size up to last more than one season. Make sure your kids know how the bindings and buckles work. Make sure they are dressed to stay warm and dry all day. Nothing kills a day faster than being cold and wet.
  2. For alpine skiing, start by having them play in the snow with their boots on to get them used to the heaviness. This isn’t necessary for nordic skiing.
  3. Next have them wear a ski on one side and just a boot on the other and slide around on the trails. This helps them get used to the feeling of the ski.
  4. Now you are ready for 2 skis! Stick to the tracks if you are noric skiing. Go slow, make it a game. Teach them to ski in control by giving them a good foundation for proper technique.

The ultimate goal is for your kid to have fun and develop the same passion for skiing you have. Don’t push it too early.

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