Icebreaker Body Fit 200 Top and Bottom Base Layers

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Icebreaker Body Fit 200 Top and Bottom Base Layers

Icebreaker Body Fit 200 Top and Bottom Base Layers

Retail price: Top- $70, Bottom- $70

Specs per manufacturer: Leggings- With a soft waistband and flatlock stitching, these full-length leggings keep you feeling warm, dry and comfortable without itching or chafing. Crew Top- This raglan long-sleeved top has a higher neck to trap in heat where you most need it. Flat sewn seams in the side gusset keep you comfortable and give you great freedom to move.

Findings: First off, let me point out that Icebreaker makes some really fun kid sized merino wool tops and bottoms. Sizes start at 1 and go to 7/8. At about $40 a piece, they are a much better deal than their adult sized counterpoints. Next, if you go to their web site, don’t be scared by their adult female model. While  she is obviously trained in numerous assassination methods, she appreciates a good merino base layer and for that we’ll embrace her.

Icebreaker is really into their sheep. In fact, each garment comes with a bar code for you to trace back your piece to the farm it came from in New Zealand. What fun. I did it. I was disappointed that my top and bottom came from different farms but maybe it is better this way. I was hoping for a bio of the sheep. Something like “your top was made from the wool of Baa Baa. Baa Baa enjoys basking in the sun and long afternoons grazing on the meadow” Instead, you  get to see the regions where the sheep live. And what incredible country it is. Picture expansive vistas with majestic snow capped peaks. The shots of their homes weren’t too shabby either. Basically, it made me want to pack up and move to New Zealand.

Back to the baselayers. They are everything you look for in a merino wool baselayer. They are soft with a nice stretch, cut to fit activity and come in nice colors to boot. Quality wool clothing is more expensive, but you definitely get your money’s worth out of them. They last forever and keep you toasty warm and dry in the meantime. Yes, I recommend Icebreaker!

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