Helly Hansen Warm Boxers

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Helly Hansen Warm Boxers


Retail price: $45  Wilderness for Kids received this product from Helly Hansen for review. 

Specs per manufacturer: 

  • Lifa® Stay Dry Technology
  • Fabric weight 215g/m2
  • Merino wool

hellyFindings: The mom report– My kids ski competively with local cross country teams. Being new to this on a comp level, I carefully read through the mandatory gear list. In bold print, right at the top, it states all boys must have proper briefs. At the welcome night, we heard several accounts of what exactly happens when boys aren’t wearing proper protection and it is below 0F outside and all you have on is a stylish layer of spandex. Even the women in the room were all crossing their legs and cringing by the time the coach got to the “how you defrost” section of the tale. The boys were clearly all wondering what they had signed up for. But at this point, we were all committed.

Thus the quest for proper briefs that may allow me to become a grandmother one day began. There is actually a surprisingly high number of products designed to protect the goods. Who knew? I went with Helly Hansen because I trust the brand for quality goods. These briefs had to stand up to being tossed on the bedroom floor, thrown in the wash and the dryer, tossed around a locker room, etc. At $45 a pop, I wasn’t about to buy 10 pair of these things, so the one I did get had to last. And the results? So far, nothing has required “defrosting”, so I’d say they are a success. They are comfortable, so my son will actually wear them and they seem to be holding up beautifully to teen age wear and tear. See his report below.

The kid report by Joey, age 14– These keep your stuff nice and warm, if you know what I mean. They are nice and snug fitting. They make it so that while you’re keeping warm down there, you’re not hampered by immovability. They are flexible, keeping you comfortable in many situations. They also aren’t itchy, because we all know how annoying that is. There isn’t much bad to say about these. They aren’t hampering your everyday life at all. This product is a must have, because we all know how important it is to all of us to keep “down there” safe and these boxers do the job.

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