Guyot Design The Commuter Water Bottle

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Retail Price:  $24.95

Findings:  Like a lot of other people lately, our family has been throwing away all of our plastic and gradually replacing it with BPA free products. We started with our kitchen dishes which we swapped for glass. Like a lot of other folks who have spending time in the woods for awhile, we have an impressive collection of BPA ridden Nalgene bottles. These have been frozen, microwaved, washed in the dishwasher, dropped over cliffs, forgotten under couches and more terrible acts. So, when I saw that Guyot Designs had a whole line of stainless water bottles, I had to try one. Personally, I prefer the stainless to the aluminum bottles. And I must say that stainless looks a heck of lot better than old grungy Nalgene! Guyot’s bottle was a tad on the heavy side, but I think all the metal ones are. I like that my water filter fit right onto the threads–very handy. There is a very, very slight metallic taste when the water has been sitting in it all day, but I didn’t find that to be a deal breaker. Next time, I think I will get a Backpacker style as the Commuter one was a bit tippy with the lid off when it was half empty. As for kids, they don’t make any sippy cup attachments at this time–hopefully they will in the future. So overall, Guyot Designs get two thumbs up on product design, commitment to the environment and being Carbon neutral and supporting ethical work environments in Third World countries.

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