GSI Outdoors Dualist Ultralight Cook System

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Retail Price: $49.95 

Findings: You may wonder why a website reviewing kid’s gear would review an ultralight cook set. Well let me be the first to say that no one needs ultralight gear more than parents with wee ones in the tow. Why? Because us moms and dads out camping or hiking with our kids are never, I repeat never, just carrying gear for ourselves. We end up carrying very special rocks that our kids can’t live without. We carry extra layers for potty accidents and puddle jumping. We carry kids. We carry more food than we would ever bring when out by ourselves. We carry kid’s sleeping bags, sleeping pads and bags of dirty diapers. Yes, we NEED ultralight gear. We also need compact gear that does double duty.

The dualist ultralight cook system does just that.

GSI Dualist Ultralight Cook System

GSI Dualist Ultralight Cook System

In one light weight, compact package, I have 2 mugs with lids, 2 bowls, one good sized pot (1.8 L), a very cool strainer lid (ideal for the ever popular kid meal of pasta), one stuff sack that doubles as a sink and… here is the best part, a 220 g fuel canister and stove all fit in the cook system! You can even fit 2 sets of silverware in it! You have to love that. The mugs are large enough to double as bowls too. GSI also makes a Soloist cook system for 1 person if you need to go even lighter.

If you are trying to save space and lose a bit of weight in your pack, you have to try out this system!

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