Go Lite Chrome Dome

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Go Lite Chrome Dome

Retail price: $30


Go Lite Chrome DomeSpecs per manufacturer: Offering the best lite-weight protection in rain or shine, the Chrome Dome Umbrella should be your first choice for coverage. A durable full-stick design holds up to wilderness use and the reflective canopy provides exceptional protection in intense sunlight.

Findings: We brought the dome out to the canyon lands to put it to the test. When it was 106 degrees in Zion, the dome offered some much needed shade on the trail. We all wore hats too, but the dome has greater coverage and really does make a difference in the heat. For lunch breaks, I would prop the dome up on my pack and sit under it. It may sound kinda dorky looking, but when it is that hot, who cares? I haven’t used it for rain, I just rely on my coat for that, but I’m sure it could be helpful. It would work great over a baby backpack to provide shade or rain protection. Actually, it would be great even with a baby in a front pouch. You could also prop it up for a napping kid on the trail or beach. At just 8 oz, it is easy to bring along on any trip.

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