Gearing up Mamas

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We parents do such a great job taking care of our children. We spend hours researching and buying the best gear we can find to keep our kids warm and dry in the elements. But we often fall short at taking the same care for ourselves. I hear lots of moms tell me they don’t enjoy spending time outside because they always cold. Well ladies, make this the winter to outfit yourselves! Here is a must have list for my winter city brethren:

  1. Ice grippers for your shoes. Don’t get yourself hurt slipping around on icy sidewalks and driveways. Ice grippers are the best (and likely cheapest) safety investment you will ever make. Some running stores will even stud your shoes for a nominal fee.
  2. Wool socks. I’m a die hard Bridgedale fan, but there are lots of great options out there on the market. Wear them.
  3. Hand/Foot warmers. Another great, inexpensive, indispensable item to always have with you. They make reusable ones (Zippo), or you can buy the disposable type.
  4. Snow skirts. This is my new favorite outerwear. Snow skirts ( are insulated skirts of varying lengths that are easy to pull over any pants and add an amazing amount of warmth. I know, I live in Alaska and wear mine religiously.  These skirts are well made and well worth the investment. They even make some kid sizes.
  5. Warm hat.  This may seem obvious, but I’m always surprised how many folks forget this all important layer. Make sure the hat will cover your ears.
  6. Mittens. Yes, I said mittens, not gloves. Mittens will always keep your hands warmer than gloves will. Buy a few pairs, if you are like the rest of us, you will leave a trail of mitts wherever you go.  Motherhood doesn’t help your short term memory!
  7. A toasty coat. I prefer down for the weight and superior insulating value, but any cold weather coat will do.  A hood is an added bonus as is parka length to cover your back end.

Properly outfitted, you’ll want to spend even more time outside having fun with your kids. Play on!

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