Functional Desgin Bag Double & Bag Expander

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Retail Price: Doubler–3 season: $49, summer wt: $39       Expander–3 season: $39

Specs per manufacturer: The Expander is for folks who simply want more room. It offers individuals an additional 28″ across the shoulders; it is great for pregnant or nursing mothers, and for snuggling with a toddler or dog. Two expanders zipped together equals a Doubler, a kid’s bag or a bivy. The Doubler allows couples to sleep together warmly and comfortably in one sleeping bag. The design gives you room where you need it most: almost five feet across the shoulders and hips. The Doubler also zips into itself to create a separate child’s bag or bivy.

Findings: How many ways can I say how much I love this product?? I’ve had mine for years and it has never let me down. This is definitely in my top ten list, maybe even my top three! If you are camping with a wee one, this is the “how do you sleep with your baby in a tent and keep them warm all night” solution. Did I mention how much I love these?

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to a change in YKK zipper design in 2009, these bags are being sold at 50% off. Once the inventory is gone, you won’t be able to get them anymore. So buy yours today!

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