Eureka Grand Manan Tour Tent

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Retail price: $379.90

Specs per manufacturer:

This large 3 season, 6 person tent has a floor area of 93.5 square feet; it has a center height of 6’6’’, and a weighs 27lbs. 11oz.  This rectangular tent uses two poles to support the rectangular dome and a third pole to support the large front vestibule.

Reviewer: Alex Price of Anchorage, AK


This tent is huge!  While it might be tight for 6 adults it comfortably slept our family of 2 adults and 4 kids and left us with plenty of room for gear.  The mesh vestibule in the front has 3 doors and converts to an awning.  This vestibule, at over 40 square feet, is large enough to put a couple of chairs or sleep two large kids.  During one endless rainstorm, the vestibule with the awning worked great giving us lots more usable space that worked as kitchen and toddler time-out room. The awning made it so the tent seemed open and not claustrophobic as usually happens after several hours in a closed up tent.  The rear vestibule is teeny by comparison but can provide room to store a couple of small packs.  The interior of the tent is grande.  The walls go nearly straight up allowing for lots of room to walk or put a Pack-and-Play portable crib on the edges without touching the side walls as often happens in triangular style tents.  4 large pockets were at each corner to stash enough diapers for a small army.

The tent is a simple to set up but a bit time consuming.  The sleeves for the poles were cumbersome.  It was easier when someone else was there to help guide the poles in and also out.  It took me over 30 minutes to get it set up and rainstorm ready.  The tent comes with lots of tie downs and Velcro straps sewn into the fly.  The extra string and Velcro made for no flapping material during our rainy, windy night spent inside.  We noticed the zipper on the main door was a bit tough to zip all the way around.

At over 27 lbs. this tent is not one anyone will volunteer to carry far but it worked great for our car camping with lots of kids.  Its bells and whistles include a nifty Hi/Low venting system on all four sides that kept a nice breeze flowing through.  The tent also is set up with holes and sleeves for an optional Eureka power system to work a fan and/or lights.  I like it because it works beautifully in pouring rain, lets me stand up and walk around and has a vestibule that feels like a two car garage.

Many thanks to Alex, Carolyn and their four super cute kids for reviewing this tent.

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