Ergo Baby Carrier

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Regular Ergo in the winter. Chugach State Park, Alaska.

Regular Ergo in the winter. 5 month old. Chugach State Park, Alaska.

Ergo Baby Organics

Retail Price: $120 for the carrier, $49 for the backpack, and $28 for the pouch

Findings: This has got to be THE MOST COMFORTABLE soft baby carrier out there.  I cannot claim to have tried them all, but have, between my 2 kids, used a variety of slings, soft front and back packs (BabyBjorn, Mei Tai) as well as several hard framed backpacks.  The Ergo baby offers the best weight distribution and features both a front and back position, as well as a side hip position.  All are comfortable for both mother (or father…or whoever) and child.

The carrier is constructed of soft cotton, is available in a variety of earthy colors, and comes in an organic version.  Every single detail of this carrier is well thought out and very well constructed.  The waist belt and shoulder straps are comfortably padded, but not too bulky.  It is easy to put on by oneself.  All adjustments are easy to make while wearing.  Features I like best about the Ergo, are the attached snap on hood that can be used to support child’s head when sleeping (also acts as a good sunshade when in use), and the elastic safety strap on the waist buckle.

Organic Ergo with the hood up for sleeping child.

Organic Ergo with the hood up for sleeping child.

I also love the accessories offered.  There is a backpack that can be strapped right onto ergo carrier, or it can be used alone as a small daypack.  The pack is constructed of the same materials as the carrier, and is also cleverly designed.  It is a good size for short day trips, or would make a good diaper bag (though not sure how well the soft cotton would hold up to daily use).  It features a pocket with a side zipper that is designed to be reachable when wearing.  (I haven’t really used this yet).  I have used the pack on short hikes and day trips.  I was able to fit a few diapers and wipes, lunch for 4, water (there is also a small mesh side pocket for small water bottles) and wind shells for myself, my eight year old, as well as my 2 year old.

Another accessory I like is the waist pouch. It attaches right onto the waist belt  (whether you are wearing child in front or back) with a velcro flap.  It also comes with a detachable strap allowing you to wear it by itself.  It is about the size of a small purse/ pouch similar to ones made by Eagle Creek.  It has a main zippered compartment, and an outer pocket with a smaller zippered pocket on the front.  It is perfect for small things you want to keep handy like sunscreen, bug dope and a small point and shoot camera. It is also the perfect size for a small travel purse, fitting wallet, checkbook, passport and such items.  I love that it can be attached or removed while you are already wearing the carrier.

Organic Ergo. Front view.

Organic Ergo. Front view.

My only concern with Ergobaby is how well it will do in damp weather.  Being cotton, I am sure that once it is damp or wet, it will stay that way for a while.  This will really limit its use in rainy weather or for camping trips where rain is a real possibility.  Still, it is an item that I will definitely pack on most trips…be it camping, day tripping, or air travel.  It is just too versatile to leave behind.  When not in use, it does not take up too much room and is quite light. Review by Kendra Twigg.


Regular Ergo in the rain. Prince William Sound, Alaska

Regular Ergo in the rain. 15 month old toddler. Prince William Sound, Alaska.

Organic Ergo. Blue Lake, Washington.

Organic Ergo with backpack attachment. 2 1/2 year old. Lenore Lake, Washington.

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