Bar Mitts Bring Joy to Winter Riding

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Bar Mitts Pogies

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Retail price: $64.95

Specs per manufacturer: Bar Mitts are made of neoprene, a synthetic rubber often used for waterproofing or weather resistant clothing (wetsuits). The neoprene has a closed cell construction, meaning it is filled with closed air bubbles. These bubbles serve as insulation. Since the cells are closed, the neoprene itself is waterproof. The thickness of the neoprene is 5.5 mm with nylon laminated on each side. Due to the body of the neoprene, the Bar Mitts stay open allowing easy access and removal of hands .

Findings: I love winter, but I really hate being cold—especially my hands and feet which are super sensitive to cold temps. So when Bar Mitts sent me a pair of neoprene bike pogies to test out, I was more than a bit thrilled. They arrived in the fall and even though temperatures weren’t all that chilly, I put them on my bike right away. At 40-50 degrees F, the pogies proved to be perfectly toasty. The neoprene presented a perfect barrier to the wind and cold rain. In fact, some afternoons, my hands were actually too hot inside the pogies. The true test of this product came with winter though. With temperatures starting out at -16F and barely breaking 0 as a high, Bar Mitts had a challenge ahead of them. I have tried numerous systems to keep my fingers warm while biking. I have some great mittens, but they are too bulky to operate the brake handles and gear shifts. Finger gloves are perfect for bike operations but are grossly inadequate to prevent frostbite.

Bar Mitts fit easily over your handlebars to offer a wind proof, water proof barrier to the elements. At 15 degrees, I wore light finger gloves in the Bar Mitts with great happiness. My fingers—even my pinky fingers were toasty warm. At -16 F, I wore mid weight mittens and wasn’t at all cold. In fact, on the way home I switched out my mittens for finger gloves because I was too hot. Imagine that! What a wonderful problem to have.

Features I love:

  1. Neoprene material sheds water and snow
  2. Reflective lettering on the front keeps me visible
  3. Easy to attach to bike—one Velcro loop on each handlebar and two exterior loops that attached around your cables.
  4. Zipper to allow for venting and easy install
  5. Wide opening for ease of sticking your hands in and out
  6. Small hole on the side to allow for a rear view mirror (most pogies don’t have this feature)
  7. Classic black color—goes great with any color bike (not that matters)
  8. Great price. Many competitors are twice the price.

Feature that could use minor tweaking:

  1. I think I would prefer the Bar Mitt to be a bit longer (extending up the arm further). I say I think, because really I have been completely warm with them the way they are. They just seem a bit short.


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