Backpacker’s Pantry Outback Oven Ultralight

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Retail Price: $47.90

Specs per manufacturer: The best oven for the weight conscious traveler. The Outback Oven Ultralight set includes an 8″pot parka, riser bar, scorch buster, reflector collar, ultralight thermometer, backcountry baking booklet, and a mesh carrying sack. Designed to work with your own light weight cook set.

Weight: 9.5 oz

Findings: I thought it would be hard to learn how to bake on the trail but I was pleasantly surprised how easy it really is. We’ve made bread, pizzas, and brownies so far. The parka and reflector collar make it very efficient and so it uses very little fuel. I’ve even started using the parka over my pot when I’m boiling water to speed up the process and use less fuel. The whole set takes up next to no room. I don’t love the mesh carrying bag, as the sharp corners of the reflector collar are always sticking out. Besides this minor detail,  I love this baker and carry it with me on all my trips now.

Check out the slide show to see brownies baked on the trail.

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