All Terrain Kid’s Camping Kit

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Retail price: $29.95

Specs per manufacturer: Kit includes: Kid’s Herbal Armor w/SPF15 (4oz), KidSport SPF30 (3oz), Kid’s Ecoguard Bandages (25pc), Hiker’s HandSanz/Frag Free (2oz), Lip Armor, Hiker’s Wonder Wash/Peppermint (4oz) and is packaged conveniently in a black mesh cinch bag. kids_camping_kit

Findings: This handy kit is loaded with essentials for camping with kids. The bandages are the best. They have cute artwork on them which seems to add to their healing power–at least according to my kids. And did I mention the artwork is not commercial? How refreshing is that? The lip armor goes on like butter and the sunscreen goes on smooth. The mesh bag is a convenient way to keep all the gear together and doubles for lots of other carrying duties. The wonder wash is effective and I appreciate the lack of dyes in it, but is a bit harsh for hair washing. I advise watering it down before using on little one’s heads.

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