180’s Quantum Dry Base Layer Long Sleeve

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Retail Price: $50


Specs per manufacturer: Quantum Dry reversible seamless base layer was created with high tech nylon and polypropylene yarns. Technically engineered for superior moisture management and maximum breathability, this is an ideal first layer for skiing, snow boarding and running. When worn on the front side, the garment wicks sweat/moisture away from the body. When reversed, the garment repels water.180 top

Findings: I didn’t really think this base layer could live up to 180’s claims. So I put it on before heading out snowshoeing with very low expectations. I must say, I am pleasantly surprised. The neck is tight–so much so that it always rips out my pony tail when I’m putting it on. But this is good. Once on, it fits snug against my chest and neck preventing any wind from coming in and retaining heat. The top is long enough to tuck into my pants and stay put unlike some competitors that ride up every time I lean over. No matter how sweaty I get, this top stays dry. I find it too warm to wear in the summer months, but very ideal in the winter. Worth the money, this is a great performance layer for active people.

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