Retail price: $24.99

Specs per manufacturer: Our durable Teflon-coated waterproof breathable nylon mittens with 16/17 oz non-pill fleece linings, hook-and-loop closures, clips and “gripper” palms are functional and warm. IMG_3705

Comes in sizes infant through big kid

Findings: We go through mittens in our house like you wouldn’t believe! Despite our efforts to get our kids to take better care of them, their mittens really take a beating. Between skiing, sledding, ice skating, snow cave construction and more, our mittens are in heavy use all day long. I had pretty much resigned myself to buying a dozen or more pairs of mittens each season when I found these Molehill mitts. Even with heavy usage (my son who wrote the review of the Yampa pants was our “heavy user tester”) these mittens are on winter #2! Amazing! The mitts go up far enough on the kids arms to avoid the typical bare skin gap that usually happens on the wrist. Being able to cinch tight the top is key to keep snow out. The gripper surface helps kids to hang onto stuff which is a challenge in the snow. Last but not least, the glacier mitts keep the kids’ hands nice and toasty and dry. I totally recommend these!

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