Almost like a switch was flipped, the colors on the mountains are now those of early fall. For those of us up north, it is a reminder to get ready for winter. For us 4 season bike commuters that means gearing up for dark and cold.

1. Lighting: time to bring back out the lighting for your bike. After months of constant daylight and no need for head or tail lights, it is time to power up the lights so cars can see us.

2. Extra layers: keep an extra pair of socks, gloves and a thin hat in your pack. Temperatures are fickle this time of year and you might need an extra layer at any time.

3. Rain gear: packable rain gear is a must for surprise showers or just as a wind layer. And of course, a fender will set you apart from the rookies on the trail.

Fall biking is a refreshing change from the heat of summer. Enjoy it everyday! Remember, one less car…

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