1. I always get to park my bike in my garage at home while my Suburban has to sit out in the cold.

2. No need to stop at the gas station. Yogurt with granola is all I need.

3. I never have to wait to warm up my bike. I don’t even need a seat warmer.

4. I can get a workout and get to work all at once.

5. I always, and I do mean always, get front row parking everywhere I go.

6. I get to use super cool lighting and snazzy studded tires.

7. I can justify my rather extensive collection of mittens and balaclavas.

8. My kids think it is pretty cool.

9. I get to see cool things like braids in the snow and hoar frost grafitti.

10. And finally, sometimes, I get to see super cool things like the Northern Lights.

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