Retail price: $39.99

Specs per manufacturer: DryCASE is a flexible, crystal clear waterproof case that allows complete use of your phone or camera while keeping it dry and clean.DC-13-2

Note: I received this sample from the Outdoor Baby Network group. Check them out at www.outdoorbabynetwork.com

Findings: The dry case for iphones answers the question of how to swim and listen to your tunes at the same time. Their vacuum seal technology seals the case around the ipod so snuggly, that you can take a picture with the case on! The waterproof ear buds connect to the dry case for a watertight seal. I’m not sure how this works to tell you the truth. It seems like water could get in there, but it really doesn’t. The sound is really great underwater! The dry case is light weight and easy to use. It even comes with a strap to secure the case to your arm while swimming.  I’m not a major swimmer, so I use the case more for rain and dust protection for my iphone while hiking.  The only thing I don’t like about it is the bulb used to suction out the air. It works great, but is a bit of pain to haul around with you. I would prefer some built in system for removing air.

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