Retail price: $4.95  2010_h2_g-486x376

Specs per manufacturer: Made from repurposed GSI Outdoors Lexan® products. Serrated edges make for easy digging even in the most stubborn soil. Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics Usage Guidelines molded into back of trowel. 1% of sales support Leave No Trace

Findings: This little shovel is a real gem. In my quest for light weight gear, I’ve brought out some cheap shovels sacrificing strength for weight. What a mistake! This trowel however is light weight and strong. It has depth markers on it to make sure you are digging deep enough and a space to loop a lanyard through for easy strapping onto your pack. Plus, as an added bonus, it looks pretty cool! So now digging a hole for your you know what is easy and stylish. Way to go GSI!

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