Retail price: $99.95

Specs per manufacturer: Engineered to the best, must rugged, and stylish Solio charger available, the Solio Mag™ stands alone as the most powerful and versatile hybrid solar charger ever made.

With its innovative design and sleek magnesium alloy casing, it does the environment good while looking good at the same time. Multi-device charger

Works with 3200+ devices. Stores Power. Holds a charge up to one year, so it’s ready anytime, day or night. Hybrid versatility. Charge it from the sun, via USB port or from the included wall charger. Intelligent Charging. No overcharging, just right. Long life internal 1800Amh Lithium-Ion Battery. 3 Premium-grade solar panels. Multi-function LED light/start button. Charging cable input (USB / AC). Charge output: 4-12V, 0-1.5A output range. 8 Watts. Strong, impact and heat resistant Magnesium Alloy Shell


Reviewer: Corey Aist of Anchorage, AK

Findings: IMG_0461_2The Solio packs quite a good charge! Several good charges actually.

During my 5-8 day kayaking trips in Prince William Sound, I have come to enjoy listening to music and once in awhile, a good books. It started with CD players. But with the (now out-dated) CD player I would have to bring along a Costco size container of AA batteries.

On the last couple of trips, with the switch to digital technology, I have come to rely on the Solio to keep my tunes coming. I use the Solio with both my iTouch and iPhone, and can generally get three to five good charges from it. A unique feature of the Solio is that it can be charged from the main grid and hold that charge for up to a year.  We hae also used the Solio to charge our kid’s Nintendos and DS’s. On long trips this has been a lifesaver.

To get the most out of the Solio, I use the iTouch/iPhone till it has about a quarter of a charge and then plug it into the Solio till it’s about three quarters full. I do not bring my digital device into the red.

As the name implies, the Solio can be charged using solar energy. I have tried that several times but it seems to take quite awhile up here in Alaska. It has been difficult to gage my success in recharging using solar power. We did find it charged more efficiently in the lower 48. Solio has a map on their web site outlining how long it would take to charge it in locations across the globe.

I will continue to use the Solio on backcountry trips. It packs well, can charge multiple digital devices, and is easy to use.

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