Retail price: $27.95

Specs per manufacturer: The Ski-Z™ will “caddy” your skis for you, no more carrying your skis on your shoulder, now move simply and safely through crowds. Ideal for children and adults of all ages, the Ski-Z™ makes it E-Z! 2.5 cm High-Strength Hook and Latch Velcro Strap, Nylon injection mold, ABEC precision bearing, super high rebound wheel. ski_image6

Findings: What a cool idea. As a mom of 4 skiers, any product that helps kids carry their own gear is a good one. We found the wheels hard to push in parking lots that shall we say, really need to be plowed. If you live or play in winter cities, you know what that means. Ski-Z easily attached to all of our skis and the kids liked all the color options. I didn’t like storing it in our backpacks as it was all wet with snow from use. You could pop it in a locker while skiing and eliminate this problem though. We just usually carry packs or leave a duffle in the lodge. This product is a great idea especially if you ski in a place with big parking lots and long huffs back to the car.

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