REI Infant/Todder Base Layer Bodysuit

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Retail price: $18

Findings: This is a nice, basic base layer.  The capilene is really soft, and the suit provides great coverage – ankles to neck.  It’s a lighter weight base layer – perhaps for a really active kid, or on a not-too-cold day.  The fabric is UPF 50, so my son wears it as his only outfit even in warm weather on sunny outings when a base layer isn’t necessarily needed but sun protection is.  It’s perfect for toddling along on a hike, sitting in a child-carrier backpack, or even an afternoon at the park.

mailThe only real problem with this piece is the same for all one-piece zip-up clothes;  In order to change a diaper, you have to unzip the whole thing.  In colder weather, this can be a real problem.  But for the price, about $18 on sale at REI, it’s hard to beat.

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