GSI Outdoors Collapsible Fairshare Mug

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Retail price: $14.95 IMG_6442IMG_6446IMG_6448

Specs per manufacturer: Collapsible bellows design collapses to 1.7 high disc. Folding handle folds flat or extends to lock in two positions for eating and drinking or for scooping and measuring. Sure-sealing lid made of Infinity Clear Polypropylene screws into the rim of the mug to keep your meals in and the outdoors out. Perfectly-suited to rehydrating meals

Findings: If you know anything about how I pack, you know I love compact and lightweight. And an item that can do multiple things and I’m in love. The collapsible fairshare mug does a pretty darn good job. It collapses to nothing making it easy to fit in a bag or to hang on the outside of a pack from the integrated loop. It is super easy to clean–which surprised me given the ridges. The lid screws on pretty tight, but doesn’t have a hole to drink from it. I’m thinking about drilling one in mine. The wide mouth is great for not only drinking from but for eating meals in as well. While it doesn’t score a perfect 10 for lightweight, it is comparable to other mugs. As for multi-tasking, it is a scoop, a measuring cup, a bowl, a mug and a conversation piece. The rep sent me one to trial, and I liked it so much, I asked my sister in law to get us 4 more for Christmas! That sums it up I think.

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