Experienced Design Makes a Great Camera Bag

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Manfrotto camera backpack

Manfrotto’s Pro Light Camera Backpack: 3N1-25 PL


Retail price: $199 back

Specs per manufacturer: The Pro Light 3N1-25 PL camera backpack guarantees the fastest, split-second camera quick-draw options! This unique design goes way beyond a standard backpack. It offers three active carrying options in one, effortlessly morphing from right sling to backpack to left sling to x-position, to cater for the dynamic professional’s every need. It’s more than just a bag: it’s a tool for professionals working on the move. Wt= 3.64 pounds.

Findings: Choosing a camera bag to protect your gear is no easy task. There are many options available from numerous companies. I went with Manfrotto for their proven reputation for high quality photography gear. They make dozens of bags in every style imaginable. There is a bag for every purpose. I wanted something big enough to house my 2.8 70/200 while small enough to be easy to haul around. I usually only bring a few lenses out with me–all of which easily fit with too to spare. It had to fit under my seat in the airplane and have protection from rain. I went with a front opening rather than a rear–personal preference. When the pack first arrived in the mail, I was a little overwhelmed with all the zippers and opening options. I ended up putting a small carabiner on one to “label” it. I love having the option of pulling my camera from the small side or the large front opening depending on conditions. All zipper corners are reinforced with buckles for added security. Manfrotto has added extra padding to the center of the pack for extra anti crush action.

I have only used the pack as a regular backpack, not a sling. It fits me well and is quite comfortable even with 20+ pounds of gear in it. I really like the large top pocket which is big enough for my iPad mini, assorted cables and all of our Go Pro equipment.    I would have preferred a few color options, but black is fine. Ideal pack for active photographers who need to carry their gear safely on their backs.

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